Twignature turns retweets into petition signatures -  that's it in a nutshell. 

Whilst the tech stack we built did a great job of integrating with the Twitter API and reporting retweets to create signatures from handles, there are a few difficulties experienced in the campaign mechanic. We had some twitter 'big names' like @YokoOno and @BiancaJagger dropping the original tweet, with varying degrees of success. Seems even an issue like an arms treaty ranks remarkably low (.001) on the global GAF (Give-A-Fuck) metric.


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Understanding 'what else' you could elevates you above whats expected.  

All too often pre-allocation of spend dictates what's easy and what's not when it comes what we can, should or don't do within a comms mix. Clever ideas don't always need the big budgets, they just require the clever people to see the opportunity and the preparedness to get them over the line.