Doris is a digitally led, capable, strategic, and creative collective.

Simon Murray and Tobie Cameron came together in 2014 to pool 40yrs combined applied digital everything; content, design, thinking, production and all the other things.

A creative team? Mostly, sometimes not. Strategic Planners? Most of the time, or as required. Creators, builders and developers using a wide range of skills of a wider range of projects leveraging experience between both of us, and our friends. We win business for folks, we invent opportunities and we roll out projects. 

The depth of experience is remarkable and quite impossible to collate into a portfolio across the past 20 years of ideas - so the work here is only a few of the many projects, roles and outcomes we've developed collaboratively or in previous lives more recently. We work together or separately, in-house or agency side, depending on the requirements.

More recently we've broadened the team to include a wider range of specialists, more to come on this.