It was 2010, beige was in. 

Cosmetics is an incredibly competitve global market, so we needed to innovate Maybelline. After pitching for and winning the business we immediately set about building a complete digital platform for the brand to better engage, enable, entertain and ultimately sell product from.

M:Edition, curated by industry experts, fashion editors, and managed and launched by our agency existed as a monthly series of articles, tweets, posts, edm's and films to an audience that grew in excess of 150,000 within 9 months effectively creating a brand new channel for Maybelline to educate, entertain & communicate within across Australia and NZ.  


Want to know more?

Building a brand platform that can adapt to a constantly changing digital landscape is forward thinking & channel agnostic. Think about it.

Take a look at FitMe and the other MNY campaigns - all integrating within M:Edition.